Friday, April 1, 2011

painting with papadosio

this was about a month back but i forgot to post it. forgive me. anyhow this band papadosio rocks my socks right on off! ian and i drove up from Albuquerque to Denver for the show. got a full day of snowboarding in right before the show and topped it off with some great tunes by papadosio. soooo all in all great time. PAPADOSIO is awesome if you haven't heard of them check em out. you can listen to their music for free @
thanks for stopping by i promise im going to be doing a lot more posting on this here blog. 18 x 24 prints for $50 the original painting is $550


neily-o said...

baller as alwaaays

Anonymous said...

I love your stuff!! Hope you are doing well.