Wednesday, February 10, 2010

just bones

i finished this painting about an hour before i hung the show at 508. so this is the newest piece I've done. playing around with a pretty neutral palette introducing a little pink throughout the painting. the show was a great turn out and from the looks of it everyone that showed up had a great time. just want to give a thanks to those of you that showed up. yall make it happen. ill work on getting some better pictures of the show and post them soon.

this is one of the more recent painting I've done. i started this as a live painting at a lost lingo concert and finished it in the studio. i love doing these live paintings because it gives me a time frame or a deadline to get something down. That something i get down usually tends to be on the more abstract side when its live and intuition kicks in. The last few years I've had all the fundamentals of art and illustration crammed into my head, so this is my product of just letting loose and diggin the music and my surroundings.

hope you digg

the two of us together

robots again!! i put these guys in my solo show i had at warehouse 508 in albuquerque. this guy is part of a series of about 10 robots i built out of found objects, mostly old radios and mechanical parts. painted them to give them some individuality. then i thought it was only fit to paint a portrait of them in all their righteousness.