Wednesday, February 25, 2009

some funky boom-bots no longer a boom-box

so here's what this junk is all about I'm in the midst of transforming these old radios and tape recorders into grooving machines! This is just the beginning, but I need more radios and such so if you have any lying around the house that you would like to donate i could really use your help. also if you have any ideas or suggestions I'm open. thanks everybody hope you like. stay funky

two hand brothers

Saturday, February 14, 2009

something new for me

these are the first etchings i've ever done i really enjoyed this process. i used a copper plate and painted my image with asphaltum (sticky tar) and mineral spirits let that dry then etched the plate in an acid bath for a few hours. printing is another beast

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the beginning of thesis

so ive abandoned ship on my old thesis idea and decided the only way for me to make some quality art is to have fun and enjoy doing what i'm doing. So I'm doing some concert posters just to have fun and make some cool images. Finally my time has come i have learned the rules now it is time to break them. Ive spent the last three years here at art school painting things as real as i can paint them trying to pay attention to subtle value shifts and accurate drawing. But now its time for that funky shit.

a little diddly

beer labels for computer illustration class SIDESHOW BREW

i really want to drink this so if you happen to have a brewery lets make this happen.