Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 eyed octopus with 7 tentacles sectopus

I've been getting really into doing Live Paintings lately, and finishing a piece in a couple hours, and their getting bigger and bigger! this one was done at a show with North America, Holy Fuck, and Red River. All great bands and great people. by the way if you've never heard of some of the bands ive been posting these live paintings with you should probably check them out.
Toubab Krewe, Dumpstaphunk, Zach Deputy, New Mastersounds, The New Deal, George Porter's runnin Pardners, Bonobo, Dj Logic, Dr. Claw, M.O.E, Maceo Parker, and Greenhouse Lounge. All these live paintings in two weeks with all these great bands.

Friday, November 19, 2010

thats all folks

started this one at greenhouse lounge on the first day then finished it at the late night after party with a mixed bag of musicians probably the best time all in all. very very chill. and thats all folks for bear creek see you next year.

got so many paintings done at bear creek heres some more

painted while listening to Zach Deputy, George Porter and Lettuce with Maceo Parker all of these were killer sets. some to go down in the books

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last night at Bear Creek

Dumpstaphunk JAMMING out so hard!

this was my baby at bear creek

more live painting started off with Orgone , george Porter, Bonobo, the New Deal, and Lettuce woooooooo what a weekend. everyone was awesome!

live painting at bear creek

good buddy of mine justin runfola payed me a visit and worked on this little collaboration together, later finished it while dancing my ass off at a Toubab Krewe show if you havent heard of them yet check em out. They are the ill BILL!

live painting at bear creek

during the late night set at New Mastersounds