Friday, April 1, 2011


first off i wanna send a big thank you to gladcastle, the werks, lost lingo, le chat lunatique and jay from birdland making this event so smooth and awesome! love you all. this was kind of a crazy moustache party, everybody had a great time! i spent about a week making stage props which included 4 mustache heads cutout of plywood and painted, a 16 ft mustache that had sweet lights, a photo booth, and beandips kissing booth, all of which turned out awesome. it was a good show, more pics from the show coming soon. 18 x 24 prints available for $ 50

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Anonymous said...

is this also a live painting?
i am happy to have stumbled over your site by searching for holy fuck. love your art! dynamic and liquide. and thanks for musical tips, have to check some out. thanks and all the best